Moving pictures, controversial memoirs


The workshop takes place in the frame of the research project LABEX -Les passés dans le présent, Images animées, mémoires controversées [CINEMAF]. The aim of this project is to engage in multidisciplinary reflection (ethnology, film studies, history of representations, visual arts) in conjunction with heritage partners (musée du quai Branly, musée départemental Albert-Kahn, CNC French film archives) on the issues of analysis, remediation and reuse of filmic materials produced in controversial historical contexts (particularly colonial situations).

This project has three complementary components:

  1. a research project centred on a corpus of films relating to African worlds during the period 1920-1940 -fiction films, films from ethnological missions, colonial propaganda films, amateur films, found in public or private collections.

  2. the experimentation of new research protocols and different forms of dialogue around these objects with descendants of the filmed populations, researchers and artists from the African countries concerned.

  3. The setting up of a space for comparison between different contexts of appropriation of this type of material in order to enrich the reflection on the African filmic corpus by confrontation with other regions of the world (the Amazon, the Pacific, Siberia, etc.) where the history of remediation practices is different and older.